Inge Glambæk

Inge Glambek

Surgeon, specialist in general, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Past president in Norwegian Surgical Society, Norwegian society for chronic wounds and Norwegian Hernia Society. Board member for 12 years in Nordaf. Retired consulting surgeon in Bergen diaconal hospital Haraldsplass. Former educated musician, and still practicing as a musician and luthier.

Jan Harald Lærum

Jan Harald Lærum is working as an senior consultant anesthesiologist at Betanien Hospital in Skien.

Former senior consultant at department of day surgery, Telemark Central Hospital.

Main interest in nerve blocks, per and postoperative analgesia and patient satisfaction.

He loves the mountains and you often see him swimming in the fjords

Johan Ræder

Johan Raeder is anaesthesiologist, recently partly retired from his position as senior consultant and professor at Department of Anaesthesiology, Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo. He is the writer of textbooks in Anaestesiology and Ambulatory Anaesthesia, supervisor of 15-20 PhDs and author of approximately 250 papers (Medline). He was the founder of the Norwegian Day Surgery Association and been involved with the IAAS in the early days. Outside work he is dedicated to family and outdoor activities: cross-country skiing, sailing, biking, hiking and kayack paddling.

Petrin Hege Eide

Petrin Hege Eide is associate professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Educating future operating room nurses.

Also serving as research leader for the "Day Surgery Project," where patients' experiences at home following day surgery is highlighted.  The projects’ goal is to developing nursing care for this patient group. Nursing in the project, is understood as optimizing the situation and preventing complications. Petrin Eide is the leader of the Norwegian national organizations for operating room nurses.

Jørgen Nordentoft

Jørgen Nordentoft. Senior consultant, Capio Private Hospital, Copenhagen. Denmark. Danish citizen. MD 1982, Aarhus, Denamrk. Specialist in anesthesiology 1991 (Oslo). Work in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Master of Management. Multiple combined jobs in clinic and management in public and private hospitals. Member NORDAF 23 years, 10 years as chairman. Member, IAAS -GA- 15 years, as Norwegian representative together with membership in ExCo 4 years. Former member of IAAS scientific committees and with multiple presentations and chairmanships.

Marc Coppens

Marc Coppens is anaesthesiologist at the University Hospital in Ghent, Belgium. Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences of the Ghent University. He is head of the ambulatory surgery unit. Marc is president of BAAS, Belgian Association Ambulatory Surgery and board member of IAAS, International Association Ambulatory Surgery. Every now and then he finds time to write scientific articles. Anaesthesia for ambulatory surgery, as well as obstetric anaesthesia are his main topics of interest. When he is not in the hospital, you can find him on his race bike.

Hege Rolstad Skjæveland

Hege Rolstad Skjæveland, Head of Day Surgery unit at Stavanger University Hospital (SUS) since 2018. She has been working as Operating Room nurse, and in several leadership roles at the hospital. Hege has been a Board Member for the Norwegian association of ambulatory surgery (NORDAF) since 2019.  Outside hospital she enjoy mountain hiking with her Alaska husky, different kinds of skiing and gardening.

Xavier Falieres

Xavier Falieres was born in France and works now as a peri-operative anesthesiologist at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital near Rotterdam. He has also been the medical director of the operating theater between 2006 and 2018. He is currently the president of the Dutch Society for Ambulatory Care and sits both on the General Assembly and the Executive Committee in the International Association of Ambulatory Surgery. In addition, he has spent years teaching at the universities in Myanmar trying to improve conditions in that region.

Xavier has 2 major passions: travelling and classical music.