Preliminary Program Arctic Rhinology 2024, click here


Preliminært program Arctic Rhinology 2024

Fredag 7. juni

1130-1200 Registrering

1200-1215 Velkommen v/Rhinologisk utvalg

1215-1300 Prof. Hopkins: Covid-19 and olfactory loss - what have we learnt from the pandemic?

1300-1345 Prof. Hopkins: Optimising use of biologics in CRS -who should we treat, and when?

1345-1405 Kaffepause

1405-1450 Prof. Hopkins: Don't forget the turbinates

1450-1550  Lunch

1550-1635 Dr. Cakir. Preservation Rhinoplasty . Analysis and surgical planning. Ocagon principals.

1635-1720 Dr. Cakir.  Preservation techniques for the dorsum.

1720-1735 Kaffepause

1735-1800 Dr. Cakir: Art of the Nose


Lørdag 8 Juni

0900-0945 Dr. Cakir. Preservation techniques of the tip

0945-1030 Dr. Cakir. Tip dorsum relationship

1030-1045 Kaffepause

1045-1130 Dr. Cakir. Pearls

1130-1230 Lunch

1230-1315 Prof. Hopkins: Ethics in rhinology

1315-1400 Prof. Hopkins: Frontal sinus surgery; What and when

1400 Velkommen tilbake til Arctic Rhinology 2026